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. >> [taps being played ] >>> when we come back on a second look, america's energy crisis. >>> welcome back to a second look where tonight berevisit the iranian hostage crisis. america had endured all sorts of crisis. water gate gave way to rapid inflation. and the supply of gasoline and a rise at the price we paid at the pump. dennis richmond had this look at the gas price increase of the 70s. >> reporter: it is a lasting imagine of the 1970s, cars hyping up -- cars lining up for blocks just to buy a gallon of gasoline. we called it the energy crisis. opec became angry of u.s. support of israel and staged a nine month embargo of oil shipments to have the united states. it happened again in 1979 after iranian missionaries cut oil shipments to the u.s. over the course of a decade, americans had to confront sell. this long time energy crisis -- >> that's it for this week's second look. i'm frank somerville. we'll see you again next week.
. >> he took out a plane with his slingshot? >> for an energy bar called tonger. tonger makes you stronger is the tag line. put together by an ad agency in cairo. can you believe that? it's terrible. i mean a plane crash is your marketing technique? >> no way. awful. >> that will never work here in the u.s. >> pretty tasteless, the video on youtube has far more dislikes than it has likes. i don't know how many people in the marketing meeting looked at that and said yeah, let's go with that. >> did they come out with a slogan yet, like eat tonga energy bar and then kill a bunch of people? >> a lot of people are wondering is this ad real? it appears it is. reports say it was created at an ad agency in cairo called think. >>> when you're a young athlete in outsports, you're lucky if you have an audience, mom and dad usually and that's about it. the nashville predators, a pro ice hockey team in nashville decided to surprise one of their youth hockey teams with a big old crowd. so they invited 250 people to come to the a game sportsplex in nashville and look at what they did. they set up an ann
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at are some of their tertiary and secondary products. look at stuff like the energy drinks. monster beverage company: both coke and pepsi have a lot of multiple brands. take a look at how brand strength is doing. i think there is going to be an influx of folks looking for more healthy drinks. > > vitamin water was a big acquisition. > > vitamin water, big one, yes. > > vitamin water. round three: home for the holidays. home ownership is said to be at a decade-low. is that a good sign or a bad sign? > > you have a lot of pent-up demand. and don't forget, rent rates are at some of the highest levels they have been at in something like five or six years. and in fact, just over the past two or three years, rent rates have gone up about 20 to 25% in major cities. i think folks with low interest rates, once they start to see those stick up with some of the presidential policies in place, we could see a drive for home ownership. > > that's true, because we have seen rates dive below 3% as far as the yield on the 30-year, so that is a falsity right there. but i just want to point out that home price
, energy, and food, and it's just further squeezing their spending power. and again, that is why the economy is stuck in first gear. > in your survey, did you question them specifically about the fiscal cliff? are they concerned? > > we didn't question them specifically about the fiscal cliff, but based on the responses, it is really clear to me that that uncertainty is starting to creep in and undermine how consumers feel about financial security. we saw a decline relative to the prior month: in october everything had gone up; in november, we gave a lot of that back. every category of financial security showed a decline relative to the month prior. and that is after the election. so that uncertainty was out of the way. consumers are beginning to focus on the fiscal cliff. > why do you think they are feeling that way? > > first of all, once the election was over, a lot of the focus, both in the financial markets and elsewhere, turned toward the fiscal cliff. the reality is this: if we have a recession in 2013, it is going to hit everybody. unemployment will go up, earnings and ne
but they are so energy efficient, the entire group will run for $4.25 an hour. the entire project paid by private donors. >> i encourage people to join this project of generosity. >> reporter: you can sponsor a light in the name of a friend, family member or cause to finish up if private fund raising. and help the economy that this free epic work will help. >> it will generate jobs. >>> two of the $8 million needed to finish the project still need to be raised. all in all quite a project. reporting live consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> and has video of what the bay bridge light show will look like when it's all done. just look under the hot topics on our home page. >>> some breaking news right now in the east bay. students are protesting tonight on the uc berkeley campus. we want to show you live pictures right now from the scene. these brought to us by news chopper 2 of that protest. the demonstration appears to be over the proposed demolition of the building you just saw there with banners unfurled coming out of the windows. we do have calls into the school and camp
is there. >> this is called radiant energy frying. >> oh. so there's no oil. it's like light. >> it's like the sun is tfrying your foods. most fried foods, pre-cooked and flash frozen. this is adding another round of frying, and you still get pretty good food. we can find out how tasty it can be from our expert. >> and foodologist. what's up, dude? >> this is pretty darn awesome. >> it is. actually due to the fact there is less oil being used. instead of tasting all that oily taste you actually get to taste more of the real flavors that are in the food. >> one 234i7k is when people drop the stuff the friar and you've got to-oyf worry about the oil splashing all over the place. >> exactly. it's a lot safer. >> is this something we can put in schools, in fast-food joints? >> definitely. they're looking to put it to work. >> how much fat will this really cut out if the they're still kind of pre-frying things in the production process? >> about 30% to 50% less fat than if used in, oil immersed. >> a swing sale. [ laughter ] >> whew! ♪ >>> i think if you have a really, really horrible talent,
accident is beyond comprehension. people are thrown great distances and a lot of energy involved. and the injuries are serious. >>> if not, fatal, statistics show in 2010 more than ten thousand americans were killed in drunk-driving crashes and even now an average of 28 people are kill every day. live in oakland. >>> investigators are looking into the cause of this five car pile up. one person injured. the driver did manage to get out on his own. >>> muni equipment is being blamed for an underground explosion. it happened in san francisco at 5:00. pg and e crews were call but a spokesperson says the equipment that caused the blast actually belongs to muni. a spokesperson says that they are still investigating the exact cause. >>> a huge fire has been burning in a fire plant in orville and authorities say it will probably burn for several more days. the fire started in the control room this morning on feather river down stream from the orvil dam and affecting the four stories. the california department of water resources operating the plant and says right now it is not producing a
for rain. another one is pretty wet but it keeps most of its energy north and if we are going to fit wet? >> well, they may have to wait for the weekend and the healthier amount. the rain will not be here until tomorrow morning. 40s and 50s, give way to those in the lower 6s 0 and you are a rain will pick up and tomorrow morning's come mute looks food -- commute looks good as far as rain and it will tang us to the weekend. >>> time now 6:42, the first ever rankings for workplace rights. where the bay area stands and which ones got the lowest score. >>> and strong storms are coming in, we will tell you what else is being done to prepare for the rain. >>> and we will tell you where all the trouble is coming up. . >>> all right, steve welcome back, here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are looking at, a very dangerous police standoff on treasure island has ended and police say the suspect killed himself. it began as the suspect led them on a chase out of downtown san francisco. right now access to treasure island is limited. plus in milpitas, the manhunt continues after an offi
solar energy park. almost 55,000 solar panels would be placed on vacant land next to the sonoma county airport. it could power 10,000 homes. the water agency owns the property and picks ed son of belmont to install the panels. >> yahoo may be making a bid for yahoo is considering spending up to $20 million for that site. provides television channel listings, news and entertainment. the site has up to 24 million visitors and almost 7 million mobile app users. >>> the u.s. patent war between a.m. and samsung is going before the full u.s. international trade commission. it will review a ruling that found apple innocent. it will review the case against samsung. final rulings are expected in january and february. >>> on wall street stocks finished flat after a warning about a the fiscal cliff. dow closed down about 7 points. >> thousands of people will enjoy a turkey dinner this thanksgiving thanks to the generosity of a family owned restaurant. >> happy thanksgiving. >> for the fifth year in a row the 1515 restaurant staged their free turkey give away today. the fa
scams involving energy and water services. the first one involves someone claiming to be from a gas company they claim a product they are selling lowers your bill. the city says the scammers often mention pg&e. that's not palo alto's utility company. the other scam involves a fake water leak insurance company and that will offer insurance against high water bills, they claim. >>> sal, this is your day. i mean, it's gonna be a busy day. >> i was trying to look at the chp list. >> take your time. >> you know, things will pop up and it's like oh, my gosh, ere's another crash and that's the way it's been, especially in the first few hours. let's go out and take a look at the bay bridge. we do have it a little lighter than usual now. but it's backed up to the middle of the parking lot. we do have a lot of fender- bender type accidents or just nonreal serious crashes but the kind of crashes that happen when someone loses control, ends up hitting a guardrail or a tree. that kind of thing. let's take a look amount the su know grade -- take a look amount the sunol grade -- a look at the suno
are at several bay area shopping malls ace energy and the crowds are getting larger by the minute. >>> overnight violence on thanksgiving day gunfire outside of a marin county nightclub. stay right here with us.
's donated the 83-foot tall reusable tree which is decorated with 33,000 energy efficient lights. >>> well tomorrow is what you might call an antidote to mall shopping. small shopping. it's a national campaign called small business saturday aimed at steering holiday dollars to smaller independent stores. and ktvu's deborah villalon is in oakland where they kicked off their own version. >> reporter: it's called plaid friday. it started in oakland. this is the map, 30 businesses on it and this is the goal. sales for small businesses. wearing plaid is strictly optional. >> we encourage people to wear plaid because it's really fun and it shows support. >> reporter: this small owner started plaid friday to show that small businesses are interconnected. >> find out what is going on in your neighborhood. have a fun day of it. >> i don't think that oakland was much known for shopping, but there's a lot of pop up shops going on down there and a lot of really cool, fun stuff. >> it's make or break, it's very important. >> reporter: this merchant expanded her store from pop up to permanent four month
pushed more nor economic reforms and including overhauls of energy and tax laws. >>> supreme court could decide whether to take up the issue of gay marriage this week. the court is set to hold a closed door conference on friday where they can decide whether they will hear any of five challenges to the defense of marriage act or the prop 8 case. the odds are good they will accept one of those cases and the prop 8 case. california's prop eightle limited that to a marriage of man a a woman. >>> they can help you buy a powerball ticket. no one matched all sucks numbers and now it will jump to 325 million to an estimated $45 million for the next drawing slated for wednesday. it is the biggest jackpot in powerball history. powerball tickets are not sold though in california. they are sold in 42 states and including washington, oregon and arizona. incidentally. the winning numbers were 22, 33, 37, 44, 50. and the powerball number was 34. >>> plans are still pending for legendary tv actor larry hagman. a wreath of yellow roses was laced on his star in the hollywood walk of fame. fans toured the
tree which is decorated with 33,000 energy efficient lights. >> your time 7:50 and a new record for a popular photograph sharing app. how fast people were posting. >> and a chin if ese item about to be banned. the fight to keep shark fin soup on the menu. >> another nice day in store for your afternoon. this morning it's a little frigid. what is happening outside and what you can expect for today coming up. . >>> elizabeth smart is writing a book about her kidnapping rescue. hats age 14 she was kidnapped out of her house by a homeless street preacher, sexually abused and found nine months later on the street. her co writer said she isn't shy away from the story. she is now 25, married and a senior in college. >>> we have a recall alert to tell you about involving a generic form of lipitor. a voluntary recall after some batches were found to have pieces of glass. it includes 90 and 500 pill bottles. the company is already operating under increased investigation from the fda because of manufacturing troubles in recent years. >> california will ban shark fin soup in january. asi
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)